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Is it dangerous to eat cheese with mold?

Mold is a fungus that is usually found in damp places with very little light; It can contaminate food and make its consumption dangerous.

Although there are many types of mold, there are several types that can be beneficial such as those called Penicillium, which develop a very important role in the production, maturation and curing of certain cheeses, providing flavor and aroma to them.

Some of these cheeses are roquefort, brie or camembert, although if the cheese is full of green, blue or gray spores, accompanied by "hairs" we recommend cutting the stain in half to know if the fungus is contaminating the interior.

In case you do not see any obscurations, you can cut the damaged part and eat it without fear of "poisoning" yourself.

In general, soft types, such as Cottage and cream cheese, are easier to get contaminated since penetrating them is very simple, they could even cause salmonella, E.Coli, Listeria and Brucella, among other diseases.

Now you know, eating cheese with mold is not so dangerous if you remove the damaged layer, although if you fear for your life, do not risk it.

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